Self Tapping Screws

Self tapping screws offer electricians the chance to complete their work in a much faster and more efficient way compared to traditional screws. They allow tradesmen to attach fixings to walls, fixing to metal, fixings to wood and fastening to plastic, depending on the size and shape of the screw. We introduced our self tapping screws with sharp points to ensure ease of use, without the hassle of pre drilling. Our Orbix range is built for longevity, so our screws are guaranteed to last the entirety of the project, regardless of the project size. Discover our collection below or get in touch for more information.

What are self tapping screws?

Self tapping screws can drill their own holes into a material such as wood or plastic. This eliminates the need for pre drilling and is particularly useful when attempting to fasten two different materials together. As an electrician, you may need to access, maintain and fix areas regularly. Self tapping screws allow you to quickly assemble and reassemble security boxes, trunk boxes, and other electrical equipment.

These fixings come in several sizes and have a multitude of head types. For example, hex head, pan head, wafer head and countersunk screws are available for you to purchase via your local distributor. Regardless of the size or shape, our screws are built for an easy and seamless transition between each screw, saving you time and money on the job.

View our video demonstration below to see how our Orbix screws work:

Why choose Orbix has your self tapping screws provider?

  • Reliable and efficient - Our aim is simple: to allow you to do your job in record time. No preparation is required before installation, just simply drill, fix and tighten in one smooth process. We've created a whole Orbix range suitable for a number of purposes. From security screws to wall fixings Orbix can be used throughout a number of different projects to give you the performance you need.
  • Flat Underside - Our screws are also uniquely designed to have a flat underside, giving electricians a larger bearing surface. It cuts out the need for fiddly washers, so accessories are also unlikely to bend. You won't find a screw with an easier installation process
  • Snag-free - We're one of the only screw brands made for electricians by electricians. We have real world expertise in the job, so we can apply this knowledge to create the perfect product. All our self tapping screws are designed to avoid snagging on electrical cabling and wires, preventing damage to them as well as eliminating safety concerns.
  • Driving performance - Our quality screws mean increased effectiveness. You'll find it difficult to locate a high quality, more efficient self tapping screw than ours, with extra sharp points for maximum drivability.

Find your local distributor, or order online today. A timely courier service will deliver your product to where you need it. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and requirements.

More about Orbix

To reflect the quality of your work, you need to ensure that you have quality materials to support you. The Orbix range to help electricians nationwide get their projects completed in a simpler, hassle-free way. Based on our experience in the industry, we identified a need for screws that eliminating stages of the installation process for a speedier screwing process.

We believe that every electrician should have access to quality self tapping screws regardless of where they live and work. We’ve developed a vast network of distributors across the UK, so your fixings can be delivered to you in time for your next project. All distributors have the latest, up to date demonstrations from us and have access to quality resources so they can best advise you on your projects.

From the beginning to the end of the sales process, we ensure that all customers are taken care of. From initial enquiries and purchase to timely delivery and after-sales services, you’ll have everything you need to use our screws successfully. Once you try our Orbix self tapping screws, you’ll never want to switch to another manufacturer.

Quality Screws from brands you can trust

Orbix is just one of our expert brands specialising in different fastening types:

  • Carpenters Mate - Quality timber screws made with carpenters in mind.
  • FastenMaster - A powerful player in the US market, we are exclusive providers of FastenMaster to the UK.
  • CAMO - Easy to use, precise and speedy application of deck screws nationwide.

If you're interested in purchasing our self tapping screws from our Orbix range, get in touch to discuss your needs with us.

For more information about all our products, please call us on 0845 241 9862