Self-Drilling Screws for Metal

Our Self-Drilling Screws for Metal are ideal for a variety of electrical applications and purposes. Whether you’re looking to fix din metal rails, metal trunking or a piece of sheet metal to wood or brickwork, our self-drilling metal screws will allow you to do so efficiently, helping electrician’s complete projects much faster when compared to traditional fastenings. 

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About our Self-Drilling Screws for Metal

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of self-drilling screws for metal, our products are developed with years of experience and knowledge of electrician needs. 

Our screws offer faster joining of cable trays and cable trunking etc to ensuring efficiency and reliability on every build. Orbix screws can be used in a wide range of applications from fitting armoured cable cleats and mounting din rails to securing control panels. 

  • No pre-drilling or preparation required - Orbix screws can be drilled and fixed in one smooth operation, simplifying the process, particularly when applying several screws at one time. Studies have shown that our screws can save up to two hours of installation time (view our video below). 
  • The unique shape of our self-drilling screw heads makes sure you avoid snagging and chafing on electrical wires, preventing further damage and safety risks. 
  • Point caps - electricians have the option to utilise point caps alongside our screws to cover the sharp tip of the screw when installed, in an effort to protect cabling during installation.
  • No washers or bolts are required. This eliminates the time consuming aspect of the job. No nuts, spanners or accessory of any kind is required. 
  • Screws can be removed or reused and are guaranteed for the life of the project. 
  • Extra sharp points for maximum driveability.

We offer several varieties of metal screws depending on the size of the metal you are attempting to drill though. 

  • ≤1.5mm - ideal for fixing very thin steel. Also beneficial when repairing electrical sockets and supporting brackets to masonry.
  • 1.6mm-3mm - available in pan head, wafer head, hex head and countersunk head, used for a multitude of purposes, including fixing cleats and clips where standard sizes would be too large. 
  • 3.1mm-12mm - standard sizes suitable for speedy fixing of earth tags to galvanized trunking or boxes.

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View our video demonstration below

You can see how Orbix screws are much more simple to apply than traditional nuts and bolts in the video below.

Innovation by Electricians for Electricians

Established in 1998, OSC Sales manufacture and supply Orbix Screws through a distribution network of over 3,000 wholesalers in the UK. We’re committed to providing our customers with reliable fasteners that they can depend on. We’re renowned for the quality of our workmanship, with all products under all our brands, including Orbix, designed and manufactured to a high specification guaranteed for the life of the project. 

We also provide a full aftersales service for our distribution network, offering full product training and onsite events to help our partners to sell the products we create. The exceptional reputation of the Orbix range has driven demand for our screws that our distributors are benefitting from daily.

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Orbix have developed a respected network of distributors and a speedy courier service available in all areas of the UK. You can either order your Self-Drilling Screws for Metal online now, or find a distributor near you

Whether you’re looking for Self-Drilling Screws for Metal screws, drive tools, point caps, security screws, wood screws and more, there’s bound to be a distributor near you. Our screws can come in any quantity from pack of 100 to buckets of 2500+ for larger projects. 

Get in touch with a member of our sales team if you have any other specific requirements that we may be able to accommodate.

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