Woodscrews (OBX-TFX) Pozi head, Pozi-no-2 drive

Specifically designed for electricians. Fixing electrical accessories/socket boxes/trunking/cable tray/support brackets to timber or masonry (in standard wallplug). Read more about Orbix or view the rest of our Orbix products.

Screws for wood:

Direct fixing into wood and standard wall plug


  • High Quality Woodscrews with the Orbix low profile head
  • Twin thread for fast installation
  • Extra sharp point for optimum driveability
  • Available in bulk ‘trade packs’
  • Made from Carbon Steel
Diameter Length Pack Quantity Colour (subject to availability)
4.2 25 200 N/A
4.2 25 500 N/A
4.2 35 200 N/A
4.2 35 500 N/A
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