NEW Orbix HD Selection Pack (OBX-SCT-HD) Heavyweight head, drive

Taking selection packs to the next level with the all NEW Orbix HD selection pack containing hex heads to multi-purpose wood screws - all packed in a heavy duty plastic case. The selection pack also includes drive tools and point caps.

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  • Hex Head 5.5x25 (DS-HEX)
  • General Purpose 4.3x25 (OBX-GP)
  • Countersinking 4.2x16 (DS-CSK)
  • Standard Self Tapping 4.8x16 (OBX-STD)
  • Multi-Woodscrews 4.2x25 (OBX-TFX)
  • Pan head 4.8x20 & 4.2x13 (DS-PAN)
  • Heavy Duty 5.5x40 & 5.5x20 (OBX-HD)
  • 8mm Hex Drive
  • Pozi 2 drive
  • Point Caps

Total Screw Quantity: 990


All you need for your heavy duty projects:

  • Guaranteed for the life of the project
  • Hex Head Screws
  • Heavy Duty Carry Case
  • Self-Drilling
  • Works Everytime
Diameter Length Pack Quantity Colour (subject to availability)
N/A N/A 1 N/A
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