The Orbix Range of Self Tapping Metal Screws

Orbix screws save electricians time on every job. A quick look at the range of Orbix self-tapping electrical screws available shows this is a promise that we can keep.

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orbix self tapping metal screwOrbix screws allow electricians to fit electrical fixings faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our self-tapping screws for metal have been designed to reduce installation time to save money. Not only are they time-saving, they’re low profile, with a flat underside to prevent buckling sheet material. They’re cost-effective and are great for a range of different applications such as cable tray installation. They’re perfect for metal-to-metal connections and self-drilling through sheet metal. The Orbix metal screw range includes:

  • Orbix STD is a standard range of No2 Pozi Drive self-drilling carbon steel screws for metalwork, with a wafer head to ensure snag and chafe-free installations.
  • Orbix HD is the tougher range – with No2 Pozi Drive - designed to penetrate steel up to 3.5mm thick – again, no pre-drilling required.
  • Orbix GP self-tapping screws are general purpose fasteners, designed for use with metal, PVC and wood.
  • Orbix TFX general wood screws feature a twin thread and an extra sharp head for faster installation; the multi-woodscrew range can take on PVC and thin steel. 
  • We also produce Orbix electrical point caps for a safer finish on every job, and an Orbix self-tapping screw selection pack that's just handy to have on board for back-up.

The Orbix Advantage

Orbix screws are not just general fixings for the construction industry. They are designed by electricians, for electricians - that’s the concept behind ‘The Orbix Advantage.’ Orbix screws have been carefully designed with common fixing applications in mind with a view to providing an efficient, reliable connection.

Orbix Fasteners are:

  • Time-saving - The Orbix metal screws are self-drilling through steel such as cable tray, unistrut and even RSJ’s. With no predrilling required, no nuts, bolts and spanners and no swapping drill bits, these screws are a real time saver.
  • Snag proof – each screw features the unique ‘Orbix wafer head’, a flat head, which has been designed to prevent snagging by protecting cables.
  • Resistant to buckling - our fasteners are not countersunk and provide a large bearing surface, which prevents buckling, and the need for extra washers.
  • Cost Effective - Orbix fasteners are competitively priced and combine many quality features into each screw to ensure that every screw works every time.
  • Great for a range of applications - The Orbix metal screw range includes standard and heavy-duty screws for metalwork, wood screws and general-purpose self-drilling screws for metal-to-metal combination installations.

That’s not all…

  • Every screw has a sharpened drill point
  • Every screw has a specifically designed thread for maximum performance
  • Every flat head screw is threaded right to the underside of the head so will clamp steel plates together

Why choose Orbix?

We know that an efficient job is a profitable job. This is certainly the concept behind every screw we create. OSC Sales, based in Britain, manufacture and supply Orbix Screws through a distribution network of over 3,000 wholesalers in the UK. Through our products, we’re committed to maximising safety, time efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship as well as first-rate customer service.  

Through our highly-regarded quality products and customer service, we’ve found that Orbix metal screws are fulfilling a real need in the electrical industry. The exceptional reputation of the range has driven demand for our screws that our distributors are benefitting from daily. 

“We know that above all, quality is key. Orbix screws are designed with this in mind and we over-engineer our entire range so that contractors can be confident that every single screw will do exactly what it is supposed to, every time.”

Mark Catterall, Commercial Manager at OSC Sales

Request a free sample

We want every electrician in the UK to try our self-tapping screws for metal and test the quality and ease of use for themselves. You can request a free sample to test the screw for yourself. If you’re happy with the performance after your trial, you can find your local distributor below.

Find a local distributor

If you would like to order a bulk purchase of our Orbix self-tapping screws for metal or a single pack of our quality screws and accessories, you can find a local distributor near you here. If you would like to speak to one of our experts at OSC sales, you can contact us online or call us on 0845 241 9862.

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