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New Training Room | 02/12/2020

OSC Sales New Training…

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covid19 | 03/04/2020

During this period of uncertainty, OSC Sales team has been busy working hard to develop a contingency plan to ensure…

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Clinton, IronMan Dubai | 28/01/2020

Area Sales Manager, Clinton Butcher will be taking part in IronMan Dubai 70.3 on Friday 7th February. Clinton said…

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Orbix: How To Make Your Smart Home Secure | 08/04/2019

Orbix: How To Make Your Smart Home Secure In 2018, YouGov conducted a report into the growing trend of smart…

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Must-Haves for Electricians | 04/04/2019

Must-Haves for Electricians Having good equipment is essential for electricians and can help ensure projects are…

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Will AI Replace Electricians? | 12/12/2018

Will AI Replace Electricians? Artificial Intelligence is constantly innovating and this, in turn, will start to bring…

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Helping you, one screw at a time! | 14/08/2018

Helping you, one screw at a time! At OSC we are very proud of our customer service.  We will always try to do…

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OSC Continues investment in streamlining processes | 02/01/2018

At OSC, we believe that efficient processes are the heart of what we do, from customer service and managing distributor…

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Self-drilling Screws: Speedy Installations, No Snags | 09/01/2017

All electricians will appreciate any product that can cut out the tedious snagging when running metre upon metre of…

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Home Improvement with OSC | 25/11/2016

The UK property market appears to be steadily recovering and large home building organisations are reporting increases…

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Orbix General Purpose Electrical Screws: the Perfect All-Rounder | 25/11/2016

Electricians can face many different tasks, using many different materials, in single day. As a result, a well-designed,…

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