Hex head metal screws

Our hex head metal screws are ideal for electrical projects. Developed using in depth testing and decades of experience, you can’t go wrong with Orbix electrical screws. Every screw provides reliability and strength in every use. Our screws are much faster than traditional fastenings since our self drilling fixings allow for a seamless and speedy transition between screws. We always love to hear about your project, so get in touch.

About our hex head metal screws

We think it is important to create a useful and functional product by considering the needs of UK electricians. This is why all screws prevent snagging and wearing of wires thanks to our low profile head design

Joining of cable trays and metal cable trunking can be a lengthy and tiresome task. With Orbix hex head screws, you can fit them with ease. Our hex head screws offer distinctive advantages over conventional screws:

Eliminates pre drilling - When applying several screws to one project, such as fitting a control panel, multiple screws are required. Orbix hex head metal screws simplify the process when it comes to pre-drilling. The screw’s shape allows for seamless application directly into the wall and can save you hours of unnecessary drilling (see video below.)

Eliminate washers and bolts - You no longer require bolts or washers with our products. No more fiddling around with the, they will save you money on equipment and components required to fit them.

Longevity and sustainability - Screws can be removed and reused as and when required. This saves you time and money across multiple projects when other screws are no longer usable and have to be replaced by new ones. Our hex heads are robust and are guaranteed to last the life of the project.

Extra sharp points for maximum drivability - quality screws mean increased effectiveness.

Our screw range can tackle a variety of sheet steel thickness, find your perfect fit below:

≤1.5mm - Our General purpose and multi-wood screw range can drill through this thickness

1.6mm-3mm - Our Standard (STD), Countersunk (DS-CSK), smaller Hex Heads (DS-HEX) and pan head (DS-PAN) screws can screw through this thickness.

3.1mm-12mm - Our Heavy duty (HD) and high capacity Hex Head (DSH-HEX) screws can drill through this thickness.

View our video demonstration below:

The above video showcases the speed and efficiency of application when it comes to Orbix screws.

Your favourite hex head screws by Orbix

OSC Sales are proud to have over 3000 distributors across the UK, serving electricians with quality hex head screws for all their project needs. Established in 1998, we’ve been supplying Orbix screws and have gained a wealth of experience and industry knowledge relating to the needs and requirements of UK electricians. We’re renowned for the quality of our workmanship for all our brands including Orbix, Camo, Carpenters Mate and Fastenmaster. We’re proud that our products are durable and built to last throughout your project’s entirety.

Our after sales service experts offer full product training, onsite events and industry knowledge to help our partners create a consistent and beneficial service for each and every customer. Our prestigious Orbix range has driven huge demand for our Orbix screws, including our hex head fixings. Find your local distributor, or order online today. A speedy courier service will deliver your product to where you need it. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and requirements.

Our much-loved brands

  • Carpenters Mate - first class corrosion resistant screws and fasteners for UK timber sizes.
  • FastenMaster - Manufactured in the US, we are the exclusive distributors of FastenMaster self drilling fasteners
  • CAMO - Deck fasteners that make light work of heavy installations and provide perfect alignment.
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