Save time with the UK’s favourite electrical screw. No snagging. No pre-drilling. No problem.

Orbix screws were designed for electricians by electricians to make electrical fixings easier and quicker than ever before. Designed with common electrical applications in mind and featuring a built-in drillbit that’s always sharp and always the right size, Orbix self-drilling electrical screws save time and money on any type of job. They're a spark of genius.

Electrical cabling can easily snag on traditional screws and fasteners, and the edges of normal screws can chafe away at the plastic casing that protects cables, potentially damaging the wire inside. Not with Orbix electrical fasteners. The flat head ensures snag-free installation, and the low profile design of Orbix screws provides complete peace of mind before, during and after installation.

Every Orbix screw has a flat underside too. This provides a larger bearing surface, helps prevent buckling of accessories and cuts out any fiddly washers – saving you even more time and money. No preparation needed; just drill, fix and tighten in one.

Whether you’re fixing metal to metal, metal to wood or you need to screw directly into wood, Orbix electrical screws are up to the job. The Orbix standard self-drilling screw is perfect for joining cable trays, trunking and cable lids; while Orbix multi-woodscrews are perfect for direct fixing into wood or even piercing through PVC or very thin steel into a wood behind. For even greater flexibility, we also offer the Orbix mini-head screw for when space is tight. So whether you’re fastening trunking, joining accessories to control panels, or attaching armoured cable cleats, the Orbix range of self-drilling electrical screws can help you get the job done in record time.

Orbix Screws for Metal

Our standard range of screws for metal make the joining cable trays, cable trunking and trunking lids quicker and easier than ever before. They're also great for mounting din rail and accessories in control panels and fixing earth tags to galvanised trunking.

Orbix Screws for Metal
Orbix electrical screws

A selection pack containing a range of Orbix low profile head and multi-wood screws - all packed in a robust plastic case. Also includes countersunk and pan head self-drilling screws, together with Orbix point caps.

Orbix Selection Pack
Orbix General Wood Screws

Specifically designed for electricians. Orbix general wood screws make fixing electrical accessories such as socket boxes, trunking, cable trays and support brackets to timber a breeze.

Orbix General Wood Screws

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I will only use Orbix screws as I know they’ll fix anything on the first attempt. They’re made properly with sharp points and don’t wobble on the drill like the cheaper alternatives.

Chris Flood, Pentons Electric
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