Premium Decking Screws 6 Lobe Trim Pan Head head, Torx 20 drive

Our Premium Decking screws are now available in 60mm, making them perfect for any type of decking, fencing, and any other outdoor application. Made from high tensile steel, Premium Decking Screws are guaranteed to resist corrosion and twin thread pattern for extra holding power. These screws are designed to cut through the timber leaving a very clean finish to the project.

Specially designed to provide strong and durable wood-to-wood connections that can withstand all weather conditions, Carpenters Mate Premium Decking screws also have a Trim Pan Head to allow for a clean finish.


  • Compact head design for clean finish
  • Reverse thread for extra hold
  • Extra protective coating
  • Thread diameter 5.2mm
  • Half-moon eliminates splitting


  • No pre-drilling required
  • Half-moon eliminates splitting
  • Reverse thread for extra hold
  • Compact head design for clean finish
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Free drive tool


  • Decks
Diameter Length Pack Quantity Colour (subject to availability)
5 60 350 1500 hrs salt spray test and Grey e-coat
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