Adjustable Post Supports by Carpenters Mate

Carpenters Mate adjustable post supports are high quality supports, that preserve your timber from ground contact, with a load capacity varing between 2000kg and 2500kg.

There are two types of post supports, please view below:

About our adjustable post supports

Adjustable post support Anchor 1

  • Vertical load capacity - 2000kg
  • Height adjustment - up to 45mm (before fixation to the ground)
  • Suitable for 100-150mm square posts
  • Zinc plated

Adjustable post support Anchor 2

  • Vertical load capacity - 2500kg
  • Height adjustment - up to 45mm (can be adjusted later)
  • Suitable for 125-250mm square posts
  • Zinc plated
  • Features expanding claws which help reduce racking


Additional Accessories

We also provide other accessories such as countersinking tools, fingerless gloves for protection against poor weather conditions to name a few, check them out here accessories.

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We also supply a range of timber screws, including deck screws, structural screws and roof screws.


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