316 Stainless Edge Deck Screws TORX head, TORX 15 drive

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£ 135.20 Exc. VAT
£ 494.00 Exc. VAT

CAMO screws are specifically designed for use with CAMO Marksman Pro tools, engineered to be used without pre-drilling* when attaching wood, composite or PVC boards.

*There’s no need to pre-drill when using CAMO fasteners, except with using stainless steel CAMO hidden fasteners with hardwood decking, when pre-drilling is recommended.

All colour head screws are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee next day delivery.  Please contact us for availability on 0845 2419862 or email at sales@oscsales.com


Superior corrosion resistance. 316 SS is recommended for installations in marine and coastal environments.

All CAMO screws come in packs of 200, 500 or 2000 and every pack contains a free CAMO Driver Bit.


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