The Pros and Cons of Hidden Decking Screws

Long gone are the days of unsightly screws or nails protruding from the face of your decking, unable to withstand the twisting and warping of boards. The CAMO hidden deck fastening system has been designed to ensure a quicker, simpler and more efficient construction process. Using invisible deck fasteners will give your decking a sleek clean finish.

The CAMO hidden deck fasteners are installed at a 45-degree angle through the sides of each board, not just creating a more aesthetically pleasing finish, but also providing a stronger and more durable hold to the joist below.

Combining CAMO hidden deck fasteners with uniquely designed CAMO Marksman tools, the construction of a wooden deck is no longer a long and overly complicated process.

Constructing a wood deck using the CAMO hidden deck fastening system is easy and saves time. This precision engineered system eliminates the need for timely pre-drilling and the CAMO Marksman tool accurately measures the spacing between each board. The process is straight forward and suitable for use on a wide range of decking. So when asking, ‘why should I use hidden deck fasteners?’ remember they provide:

  • Clean, sleek finish to a wide range of decking – no unsightly screws visible.
  • Stronger and more durable fixings to joists – screws are drilled a 45 degree angle preventing boards lifting and warping.
  • Safer option – screws are drilled a 45 degree angle also preventing a trip hazard of protruding screw heads.
  • Quicker and more efficient installation process – CAMO hidden deck fastening system allows speedy installation with minimum effort and preparation.
  • Great value – competitive prices.
  • Prevent split boards – screws are drilled a 45 degree angle to stop boards splitting.

The CAMO hidden deck fastening system allows you to quickly and efficiently construct professional quality decking, with safer, stronger and sleeker results.

Hidden decking fasteners

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