With the long cold winter months well behind us and spring in full bloom, many people are preparing for the summer months ahead by making the most of their outdoor space. One of the most popular additions to any garden is a decked area; this can provide a valuable space for outdoor dining and barbeques.

Wooden decking creates a sleek look to any garden and requires little maintenance. Many people in urban areas, where space is limited, are making the most of their gardens by creating an outdoor area which serves as an extension to their indoor space. With increasing demand for wooden decking, CAMO provides the perfect system to create beautiful, sleek, wooden decking with none of the tiresome and inefficient tools and techniques which previously made constructing a wooden deck such a tedious process.

The popularity of wooden decking is in large part due to the fact that it serves both form and function: wooden decking provides a beautiful structure with a wide range of wood types to match any outdoor space. In addition, gardens with uneven or sloping landscapes can use a wooden deck to provide the garden with an element of balance and uniformity. However the installation and upkeep of these outdoor structures have previously meant dealing with the long and tedious process of marking out, pre-drilling and spacing out boards. Decking boards would be fastened by screwing through the face of the board, resulting in an unsightly finish, often resulting in boards splitting, or warping and rising up and away from the supporting structure. This system can cause dangerous trip hazards, not to mention an undesirable looking deck area. This is why CAMO hidden deck fastening system came up with a set of tools, techniques and accessories to allow for a quick, strong and efficient installation process for professionals and novices alike.

The CAMO hidden deck fastening system not only drastically reduces installation time, it also uses a unique system, whereby unsightly screws are not driven through the face of the decking. Instead screws are fastened at a 45 degree angle into the side of the boards, ensuring decking will not split or warp.

CAMO tools provide everything you need to construct a professional looking deck, and works effectively on a wide range of materials, from softwoods to hardwoods and even PVC hybrid decking. CAMO have created a system that will save you time and money - leaving you with a strong, secure decking that will provide years of use with no maintenance required.

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