Summer is well upon us and with more and more people looking to make the most of their outdoor space, the demand for decking is greater than ever. But for many, the prospect of building a wooden decking area can seem a daunting prospect.

The CAMO hidden deck fastening system provides the perfect solution to the tedious and time consuming process of installing wooden decking. This ingenious system eliminates many of the problems that have plagued decking construction in the past and it is all down to one ingenious tool - the Marksman Pro Tool.

The Marksman Pro Tool simplifies the whole process of constructing decking and ensures perfect results every time. Its unique design avoids unsightly screw heads being exposed on the face of the deck, the Marksman Pro Tool instead attaches deck boards to the substructure using side entry fastening. With deck screws entering through the side of the decking this means no more cracked deck boards, no more pre-drilling, no more unsightly screw heads and no more boards lifting away from the substructure.

Not only does the Marksmen Pro Tool provide a quick and accurate guide for side entry self-drilling screws, it also acts as an adjustable and accurate spacer between boards. This saves precious time by avoiding the need for dropping separate spacers between each individual deck board.

Using the Marksmen Pro Tool really couldn’t be much simpler, place it on top of a deck board, and squeeze the trigger to grip both sides and then position over the joist. The gripping teeth can be adjusted using a digital dial to allow the precise spacing you require between each board. When the board is in place, position the CAMO exterior screw fasteners into the holes on both sides of the Marksman Pro Tool. Finally, with your CAMO driving bit, fasten the screws into either side of the deck board to leave a sleek and professional looking finish.

The Hidden Decking Fastening System can be used on a variety of deck boards including hard and softwood and even PVC hybrid decking, and with CAMO fasteners and accessories range you will have everything you need to build a new deck from scratch. All CAMO screws come with a CAMO driver, and are either stainless steel or ProTech-coated to ensure that your decking will maintain its finish and function, whatever the weather. So if you are looking for a quick, clean and easy way to construct outstanding looking wooden decking, look no further!

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