CAMO Hidden Decking System for Beautiful Decking

The patent-pending CAMO hidden decking system is specially designed for use with CAMO Marksman Pro tools, precision-engineered products designed for fast, efficient and hassle-free installation of great looking PVC, composite and wooden decking. With no need for pre-drilling, and a special spacing tool to help guide decking screws into the unseen sides of the boards, the CAMO system gives a professional appearance to all decking projects and makes installing any type of decking a painless and hassle-free experience. 

What Makes the CAMO System So Special?

There are several hidden fastening systems on the market, but none match CAMO for precision, ease of use and speed. It’s quite simply the fastest and easiest way to ensure your decking projects are millimetre-perfect and look fantastic; and it’s only available to buy from OSC Sales.

You'll need a CAMO Marksman Pro tool, CAMO fasteners and the right size of CAMO driver bit to use with your drill. That’s all. There are no extra clips to buy and install, and if a board needs to be removed for whatever reason it can be done with the minimum of fuss. The system works with treated wood, hardwood, cedar, PVC and composite decking, and the whole system is simply a joy to use. Once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder how you ever installed decking without it.

The CAMO Marksman Pro tool clamps onto each decking board above the joist and is secured with a quick twist of the locking mechanism. The tool is suitable for narrow boards, grooved boards and wide boards and can be used on almost any type of decking material. The built-in spacer teeth make aligning decking a piece of cake: simply butt the next decking board up to the spacer and you’ll have a smart, evenly spaced board with zero measuring or manual alignment needed.

Once you’ve got your board flush against the spacer, simply load the hidden decking screws into the angled guide holes and drill them into place. The special jig will ensure that the screw is driven to the correct depth every time, with no guesswork involved. The special decking screws have a “reverse rake” tip that removes wood as it’s driven in, which helps to prevent build up under the screw head and reduces the risk of the screw splitting the board when it’s close to the edge. The screws also feature a special thread design which finishes halfway up the shaft, which helps to pull the deck boards tight against the joist.

No more pre-drilling. No more over-drilling. No more split deck boards. No more measuring. Just quick and easy decking installatio with a professional finish and no visible screw heads. Job done.

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