Ensure a professional finish every time with CAMO hidden decking fasteners

CAMO is an ingenious hidden decking fastening system that makes installing decking a breeze. Whether you’re installing wooden or composite decking, the CAMO system takes the guesswork out of spacing and fixing decking boards and makes laying decking – or assembling any similar construction – easier and faster than ever before. Our wide range of CAMO products and accessories includes hidden decking screws, 316 stainless steel decking screws and CAMO Marksman Pro tools suitable for narrow and wide decking boards.

Laying decking used to be a painstaking process that involved marking out lines, drilling joists, lining up pre-drilled decking boards and dropping your spacer down the cracks. CAMO changes everything. Simply clamp the CAMO Marksman Pro tool onto the decking board, insert a self-drilling screw into each angled slot and start drilling! Each CAMO system comes with the correct drill bits to ensure you’ll never run the screws too deep, and the built-in spacing tool automatically ensures that each decking board is perfectly spaced out. In fact, the whole system makes laying any type of decking so easy you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

The unique angled guides at each end of the Camo Marksman Pro decking tool makes it super easy to fix each board at an angle through the side without splitting the wood. When the boards are butted up against each other, these angled screws are almost invisible, ensuring a clean and professional finish every time. And because the built-in spacing tool creates the perfect space between each board, screws can be easily removed if required. No more pre-drilling. No more unevenly spaced board. No more visible fasteners. The CAMO hidden decking fastening system is precision engineered to save time on decking installation and deliver totally secure decking with no visible screw holes – and all boards perfectly spaced and aligned.

Suitable for fastening softwood, hardwood, cedar, grooved and treated wood boards and composite and PVC hybrid decking, CAMO is a revolutionary, precision-engineered system that will save time, money and effort. All with an affordable price tag.

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A structure is only as safe - and long-lasting - as its connections. Carpenters Mate screws are the only screws we recommend for durable, strong construction you can stake your reputation on.

Luke Whale, C4CI Structural Engineers Luke Whale, C4CI Structural Engineers
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