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CAMO is an ingenious hidden decking fastening system. It makes building wooden decking – or any similar wooden construction – easier and faster and promises professional results every time.

Laying decking used to be a painstaking process: lots of marking out lines, drilling joists, lining up pre-drilled decking boards and dropping your spacer down the cracks. CAMO changes everything.

No more pre-drilling, no more split wood, no more unevenly spaced boards and no more visible fasteners. A unique range of CAMO tools, drill bits and perfectly engineered exterior screws deliver flawless, blemish-free and totally secure decking with no visible screw holes – and all boards perfectly spaced and aligned. 

Suitable for fastening softwood, hardwood, cedar, grooved and treated wood boards and composite and PVC hybrid decking, CAMO is a revolutionary, precision-engineered system that will save time, money and effort. All with an affordable price tag.

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A structure is only as safe - and long-lasting - as its connections. Carpenters Mate screws are the only screws we recommend for durable, strong construction you can stake your reputation on.

Luke Whale, C4CI Structural Engineers Luke Whale, C4CI Structural Engineers
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Choosing the Ideal Decking Screws for Your Project - 25/11/2016
Owing to the testing conditions that wooden decks have to withstand at times (wind, rain, etc.), the decking screws that secure them in place have to be equally as resilient. Also known as deck fasteners, these types of screws are notably resistant to corrosion and coated in a material that prevents them from rusting. What Makes Decking Fasteners Ideal Decking fasteners also need to penetrate the material easily and sit flush with it. To this end, there are a variety of deck screws here at…

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