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Fast, Strong,

CAMO is an ingenious hidden decking fastening system. It makes building wooden decking – or any similar wooden construction – easier and faster and promises professional results every time.

Laying decking used to be a painstaking process: lots of marking out lines, drilling joists, lining up pre-drilled decking boards and dropping your spacer down the cracks. CAMO changes everything.

No more pre-drilling, no more split wood, no more unevenly spaced boards and no more visible fasteners. A unique range of CAMO tools, drill bits and perfectly engineered exterior screws deliver flawless, blemish-free and totally secure decking with no visible screw holes – and all boards perfectly spaced and aligned. 

Suitable for fastening softwood, hardwood, cedar, grooved and treated wood boards and composite and PVC hybrid decking, CAMO is a revolutionary, precision-engineered system that will save time, money and effort. All with an affordable price tag.

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